3 Days in a Dictatorship

„Hello Sir, did you take any pictures or stop?“, I was asked by a policeman at the checkpoint just outside Ashgabat. „Of course not! (Your collegues at the border were quite precise and clear about not stopping for over 40km and not taking any pictures after searching my bags for 3 hours and ripping me off.)“ ‚Not allowed to take pictures‘ is normal in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. You are also not allowed to walk on certain paths, rest in the shade of a tree, Continue reading “3 Days in a Dictatorship”

Getting to know Iran

I didn‘t drop or fall off my bike till the day before I entered Iran. After a couple of days riding gravel and dirt roads over Armenian mountains, my bike was up for a wash. There was a high pressure cleaning place with a coin slot. As I wanted to put my bike on the main stand I slipped on the wet grids. Oh well! It wasn‘t the last time my buddy kissed the floor.

I slept in a cheap Guesthouse right near the gates. After doing a Continue reading “Getting to know Iran”